How to Market Your Business with a Royaltie Gem

Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing Event

Would you like to advertise your business everywhere you go?

What if I told you that you can send a virtual business card to every person with an Android phone within 100 yards of you?

It can link directly to your website, Facebook page, or anywhere you want to drive business. Take this technology everywhere you go!

You can send out a special deal to everyone at the festival you have your Event booth at. You can send out a notification to everyone that

walks past your storefront. You could promote your Direct Sales business while you vacation with your family at Disney!

60% of the North American Market operates on Android. 70% of all Android phones have bluetooth on. Roughly half the phones in most situations

will be able to receive notifications from these Royaltie Gems.

These Notifications do not cause the Phones to Vibrate or Ring. Notifications do not show up on the Home Screen. Notifications are only available and present when the user is in the vicinity of the Royaltie Gem Device. If they leave the vicinity of the device the message will no longer appear in the Notifications.

40 Character Message – Send them to your social media pages to gain likes, followers and exposure. Send them to a Splash Page to collect their contact info for later follow-up.

Make sure to select locations that have high “dwell time” – locations where people spend at least 15 minutes.

o Average person checks their phone every 12 minutes – so the longer the dwell time, the greater the exposure

o DO NOT place these beside a highway…no one will see the notifications since dwell time is so low.

For $49 a month you get 3 Gems to put your business ad on every Android Smartphone within 100 yards of each device. Just want to try it out? 1 Gem is $25 a month. Tax-deductible make this a no-brainer! What are you waiting for? Get your leads now!

Proximity Marketing is a great way to build your business for a nominal $25 a month. Tax-deductible makes this a no-brainer! How many customers do you need to cover your ROI? Order your Gems here: