What is a Royaltie Gem?

Royaltie Gem Proximity Marketing

Every Royaltie device is weatherproof, waterproof and comes equipped with a two-year battery. It does not require cellular data or a Wifi connection.

To receive Royaltie messages, the phone just needs Bluetooth turned on. Are you one of the many people who already keep their Bluetooth on to connect to their headsets, vehicle or other devices?

A $30 Activation FEE and $49/month for three devices.
That’s it. It arrives up and running.

Get your message in front of android phone users within 100 yards of your device.

Unlimited messaging from our wireless device included in low monthly fee.

Proximity Marketing is a great way to build your business for a nominal $25 a month. Tax-deductible makes this a no-brainer! How many customers do you need to cover your ROI? Order your Gems here: http://bit.ly/GemOrder